Sunday, October 4, 2015

Montreal, a quick list in Chinatown

Just a short post here to record a few spots in one of my favorite cities North America.  It was heating up in DC and two friends had just moved to Florida.  I think they must be crazy, isn't it even hotter there?  They were going to escape winter!  Well, anyone who has lived in the DC area should know that getting away from DC to escape the summer is a significantly better idea.  To prove my point I thought, "If they can go to Sarasota for the Winter, I could go to Montreal for the Summer."  I took the quick flight to Montreal, spent three to four days exploring condos and left the new owner  of a soon to be finished condo in Centre Ville a half block from Rue St. Catherine and Phillips Square, near MacGill University. I can't wait until my first August there!

Here is a quick list of restaurants, best dishes and my favorite hotel:

1. La Maison V.I.P.
    1077 Rue Clark
    515-861-1943    Saute of Lobster in Ginger Sauce
                               Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Better have a reservation, this place is small and packed with hour long waits if you don't have a reservation.

2.  Restaurant La Maison Kam Fung    
     1111 Saint-Urbain
     514-878-2888   Aubergine Fritte
                               Ginger Crab
                               Dim Sum
While Chinatown in DC has disappeared the two blocks of Chinatown in Montreal was a welcome relief with it's little shops, bakeries and restaurants.  It's a busy fun exploration

3. Toque

A Montreal staple of fine dining, cozy up to the bar for an awesome French fare.

4. Nouilles de Lan Zhou
    1006 Boul St-Laurent
Don't quote me but I think noodles in French is Nouilles and this is the place to get them.  Watch them in the window as they make these fresh Ramen noodles and have a big bowl when you get inside.  Long line on weekend and shorter weekdays but still a line.

5.  Hotel Le Germaine
     2050 Rue Mansfield
A very nice boutique hotel a block from the center and within walking distance of just about everything.  Metro close by too.

6. Jean Talon Market
A quick metro ride to the best outdoor market I've ever seen. Definitely not to be missed!

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