Thursday, August 13, 2015

Visiting Rome, Italy

I have visited Italy many, many times and typically fly to Rome and back because of it's central location and ease of traveling into the city by train.  I suggest not taking the bus because it will drop you off about two blocks from the station entrance and you'll have to schlep luggage off and onto curbs and cobblestone.  Limo service is also available for novice travelers but the train is really very simple.

For Limo service I use, ask for Josephine and she will give you a very special price because you know me.  I get no kick backs for my referrals and Josephine would never pay one!
Josephine is also your go to person for car service in Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast.

When planning your trip through Rome you always want to end your list with a few nights in Rome because you will have to leave between 7 and 10 am.  So if you arrive in Rome and start your trip there you will lose a day on the end of your trip because you'll have to leave wherever you are to get back to Rome.  I will often arrive in Rome, train up to Umbria, then to Napoli and then back to Rome to finish my trip.  I have travelled there frequently and these days I do not stay there too long as I prefer entrusted areas in the South and on the Adriatic Sea where I am less likely to run into Americans and other tourists.

So before this entry gets too long here is my Restaurant list for Rome:

Salumeria Roscioli-(pronounced it roskolly) , This is my favorite spot for dinner in Rome. It is a favorite of locals and typically you must have a reservation, don't count on getting in if you don't, particularly in the Spring/Summer/Fall tourist seasons.

Felice a Testaccio,, Romeo of Agata and Romeo's sent me here as it is his favorite neighborhood restaurant.  A little out of the center in one of Rome's very lovely neighborhoods.  Their table made Caccio e Pepe is a phenomenon, other dishes are also extraordinary.

Ristorante Ditirambo,, Another nice little place very close to the Campo dè Fiori and Piazza Navona,  expect fresh pastas and local dishes. This is a nice little place and you will need a reservation.  It is closed for lunch on Monday's

Osteria da Fortunata, Via Pellegrino, 11, Roma,  +39 06 6066 7391, no website for these guys.  A nice little place with a lovely lady making fresh pastas in the window, terrific gnocchi and trenette, wonderful carbonara and other sauces.  Charming staff.  Make a reservation, better safe than sorry.

Agata e Romeo,,  This is a very important restaurant in Rome, if you are looking for fine dining this is the spot, it is elegant and delicious, a foodie paradise or perfect for that special occasion. the menu is always changing in this Michelin starred restaurant.

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