Saturday, August 22, 2015

Car Service in Rome, Naples and the Amalfi Coast

I have known Josephine and Reno of Italy Limousine for six or seven years now and have never been disappointed in their drivers, their vehicles and the level of their service.  They are truly professional and honestly the best car service in Italy.

Here,s how it works;  
You contact them via e-mail with your 
1. flight info, 
2. arrival time, 
3. Flight Number, 
4. dates and of course 
5. your name and 
6. number in your party

Josephine arranges your proper transport from the airport to the city or the train station (Roma Termini) depending on your plans.

If you are traveling to the Amalfi Coast they can take you directly there (aprox $400) or your can take the train to Napoli and they will have another vehicle meet you there and take you directly to your hotel in Positano, Vico Equense, Sorrento, Massa Lubrense or any other of the stunning coastal towns.

I suggest the train to the station from the airport and the Limo/van to the Amalfi Coast

Avoid trying to take the train to Sorrento because you will have to change trains in Naples, likely get your pockets picked or your purse snatched because you were trying to save a few bucks and your trip will be soured.  I've never had a problem in Naples but I am very cautious because these types of crimes are typical there.  Pick pockets are expert in the beautiful city of Napoli.  I tell my friends, you will arrive at the station, head to your hotel and find that your underwear have been stolen!  Hey, it's better than DC where you get clubbed to near death, beaten, shot and robbed.  Be alert, watch each other.

Day trips:

Josephine can always count on me for an excursion tour to some crazy place I can't wait to see along the coast or on Mt Vesuvio.
My typical trip, whether alone or with others involves a ride to Tenuta Vannulo and Antica Macelleria both near Santa Cecelia in Eboli.  I love passing through the Mozzarella Country of Italy, you will see mozzarella store dotting the roadside, for every gas station there are 12 mozzarella stores.
Your visit to the Antica Macelleria, a simple butcher shop manned by Antonio and his Mama Piera selling the absolute best house made Soppresata, Salami, Mortadella in Italy.  The farm raised pigs Antonio uses have pedigrees like AKC Poodles!  You're in the Salerno region, this is where this stuff is the best in the world.
Your visit to Tenuta Vannulo will be the memory of a lifetime.  I met Sr Palmieri the proprietor of the farm many years ago, a true gentleman his farm spares nothing to provide the finest mozzarella, cheese and gelato that ever touched your lips.  The artistry in their leather shop is magnificent, try to leave without purchasing a bag, wallet or belt, good luck.
From here we shoot up to Cantina del Vesuvio for an amazing lunch and wine tasting with Maurizio.  Delicious and entertaining, the best pasta you'll have on your trip with Maurizio's fresh tomatoes  from his garden on the slopes of Vesuvio.  This make the notion of Farm to Table in the US the biggest joke in history.
Still time for a run to Herculaneum and a short ride back to Napoli.

Italy Limousine has taken me on ancestral tours to find relatives of friends and family, I recall my driver knocking on doors with me to find my friend Linda's family in the hills of Salerno.  We sat and ate with her cousins she had never seen and left with arms filled with Tirelli and goodies from their village.

Enjoy your vacation and call me if you need any help.

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