Monday, September 7, 2015

Naples Restaurant List

Choosing a great restaurant can make or break you evening and your vacation.  I always think that if I am going for 15 days that means I only get 15 chances to eat well.  While Naples does not have as many fast food and even worse, fast casual restaurants there are some trattorie that you would not want to try.  Below is My List prepared just for you.  There will be more to come but these form the foundation.

Trattoria Capresse is in the suburb of Vomero and a shout cab ride or lift ride to the neighborhood from Via Pignasecco, Montenegro Station I believe.  A great neighborhood seafood restaurant with a charming staff and pizzaiola (Carmine)  Have your own cab driver Francesco take you there and buy him dinner, you won't forget this amazing meal and hopefully you'll be able to finish it.

Ristorante Dora is a special place with a beautiful seafood menu.  Stay away on weekends, you won't get into this tiny trattoria.  It is near Via Chiaia in the Chiaia district 

Hidden in the Quartieri Spagnoli is the trattoria Antica Capri.  A charming , tiny trattoria with an expansive nenu of Neapolitan treasues.  I suggest ordering everything on the menu.  The price is right and the food delicious!  Keep your cab driver nearby, you DO NOT want to walk here as there are some sketchy streets on the way. 

Trattoria Castle Nuova is very near the port and a great little place with classic local dishes like Spaghetti con Vongole,  La Genovese (a meat and onion sauce  served with Paccheri that is delicious and Spigola Napolitana.  Call ahead and request these special dishes, tell them I sent you and be sure too ask for my friend Roberto 

A great Neapolitan menu that my seem closer to home is available at this popular Neopolitan restaurant near the port.  Big soft meatballs, pasta and eggplant parmesano can be found on their menu 

Now you are on the Amalfi Coast so put on your radar.  Restaurants here are lying in wait for tourists just like you.  I recall the famous on US Travel shows, La Tagliatta with it's stunning views before it became a tourist mecca and lowered its quality of food and it's once authentic standards.  Ristorante  Lido Azzurro is not one of those restaurants.  Dine on the water and eater delicious food made with high quality products
I am going to post a few more places but these can get you started.
But don't miss Pizzeria Sorbillo on Via Tribunale in the Historic part of Naples.  It is the best pizza you will ever eat.  Do your homework, check their website .  I believe they open at 5:30 so get there by 4:45 or you'll never get in.  This is the only place in Italy where Italians actually wait in line!

Coming up Next:  Via Pignasecco, the best street in Napoli

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